SCHEDULE 2015-2016

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The School of TAIKO provides the high quality performance in any situations with various Japanese musical instruments according to your demand based in Washington.

Our performances which is led by world-class Taiko performer Ringtaro Tateishi will certainly satisfy you by powerful and beautiful sound which fill full Japanese elements.

We will make the plan for more entertainment and for more success of your special occasion with you!
Contact us for booking the performances for your events.

We can provide our sounds for
Corporate events
School Assemblies
Educational Taiko Workshops
Private Parties
Birthday Parties
Wedding Parties
And any special occasions which you need us!

Japanese TAIKO Drumming
Fue (Japanese Flute)
Tsugaru Shamisen (Japanese banjo)
Shakuhachi (Zen flute)
Koto (Japanese harp)

And more Japanese musical instruments
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Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration / UW Madicine  UW Health Sciences at Seattle
Oshogatsu at Crossroad Mall at Bellevue
Arts and Sociel Showcase at Meydenbauer , Bellevue
Issaquah Middle School at Issaquah
International Dinner / Seattle University
Lunar New Year Celebration / Westminster Chapel at Bellevue
View Ridge Elementary School at Everette
Lawton Elementary School at Seattle
Tohoku Revive for Children with Yugo Kanno
Bertschi School at Seattle
Celebrate Asia at Benaroya Hall, Seattle
Private Birthday Party at Bellevue
Japanese Immersion Camp at Seattle
International Festival at Frost Elementary School , Kirkland
Kent High School Cherry Blossom Festival 2015 at Kent
International School at Bellevue
Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival at Seattle Center
Intercollegiate Taiko Invitational at UC Irvine , CA
North American Taiko Conference at Las Vegas, NV
Nagata Shachu Concert Series at Kobayashi Hall, Tronto Canada
Cerebtate the Independence Day / Private Party
Sake & Wine event ( Closed )
America Matsuri / Tacoma Art Museum , Tacoma, WA
Sattle Storm Halftime Show / Key Arena , Seattle
Aki Matsuri Festival by ENMA at Bellevue College
Q Nightclub at Seattle
GOLDEN by Shunpike at Townhall, Seattle
Woman's Univercity Club , Seattle ( Closed )

Ringtaro & Asako Tateishi
The School of TAIKO
Providing the Arts Programs of Japanese Taiko drumming & Japanese Musical Instruments based in Seattle
Photo by :Tyler Sipe
Professional Taiko Group based in Seattle
PO BOX 3311  Bellevue , WA  98009
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You can check member's bio, performance information and more from this web-site page.
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International Night / Seattle University
Cerebrate Asia at Benaroya Hall , Seattle
Oshogatsu at Crossroad Mall at Bellevue
Asian Festival / North Seattle College
Taiko Festival for Minidoka
Brookside Elementary School , Seattle
Japanese Immersion Camp at Seattle
American Society for Public Administration All National Conference
Sakura - Con Opening Ceremony
Meridian School , Seattle
Seattle Cherry Blossom and Japanese Cultural Festival
Japanese National Honor Society Intruduction Ceremony
Kumamoto Aid Concert for support the victims of Kumamoto Earthquake
Kitsap Summer Family Program at Port Orchard
Renton River Days
Regional Taiko Gathering in Vancouver , Canada
Japan Fair / Bellevue Meydenbauer Center

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Biggest Anime Convention in Northwest USA
Friday, April 14 / Opening Actor for Sakura-con 
@ Seattle Convention Center

A histrial Japanese Cultural Showcase
Sat. April 22- Sun. April 23 / Cherry Blossom Festival  
@Seattle Center

East meets West
Friday, May 12 / Celebrate Asia   
@Benaroya Hall, Seattle