My First TAIKO Workshop !
We will have the workshop for starter person at Seattle / Bellevue

Place: Seattle / JCCCW
Fee   : $40.00
For   : Starter person
Age   : 7 years and up

The next workshop will be
Friday, November 6, 2015
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Please check here for more infomation.

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Ringtaro & Asako Tateishi
The School of TAIKO
Providing the Arts Programs of Japanese Taiko drumming
& Japanese Musical Instruments based in Seattle , USA
For 4 years old and UP


This new group will use high quality Taiko made by ASANO TAIKO, a world renowned Taiko maker for creating sounds which beat directly into your heart..

In starting our new challenge, we are open the apprentice positions to whom eager and sincere talented person for become our performing member and instructor from United States and Japan.

Please check the information from here to make your future great with us!


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Join our dream!
Apprentice positions for our Professional Taiko Group are now open for you!
Let's make the new flow of the TAIKO world from Seattle, together!

Upcoming Events
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Check our School performances
by Beginner to Intermediate students !
After half a year , you will join our performance as a one of Taiko Drummers of our School!
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Little Kids Class

Little Kids TAIKO Class
for 4 years to 7 years old

The Kids studnets will have some opportunity for performing at events.
The 2nd
Bellevue World TAIKO Festival
My First Taiko Workshop

Want to hit the TAIKO?

This is the great opportunity for YOU who want to try the TAIKO!

Workshop participants will get a privilege when applying to our regular class.
You can apply / get information for TAIKO programs today!
Here is our Mascot Charactor which is  designed by Ringtaro Tateishi,our Artistic Director.
His name is " DonTA!!"

We hope he becomes the character loved by many people!

You can get the sticker of DonTA!! at our booth in various events.

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Yourh & Adult Class

Youth & Adult class is
for 8 years old and up who has no Taiko experience

The class will be held as the year through program

You will be performer after you belong the performance class!

Mission 1 / Bring TAIKO to the World!!  ~ TAIKO Web ~

Mission 2 / Bring Sounds of TAIKO to the World!! 

The 2nd Bellevue World TAIKO Festival
Now you can get the concert tickets by Online

Our big event, Bellevue World TAIKO Festival will be held again on January 16-17, 2016 with two concerts and workshops of Taiko, Japanese Flute and Tsugaru Shamisen in Bellevue, WA.

The main guest from Japan " WARIKI " is formed by Akira Katogi, Shunsuke Kimura and Etsuro Ono as the amazing trio. They are  famous by re-create Traditional arts into stage performing arts with their talented skill.  You can enjoy not only the TAIKO but also outstanding exciting Japanese Street performances.
Also, the concerts will have the "CHIKIRI", Drumlines  and more performers. They will create collaboration with WARIKI beyond the borders.

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Professional Taiko Group based in Seattle
PO BOX 3311  Bellevue , WA  98009
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You can check member's bio, performance information and more from this web-site page.
CHIKIRI & The School of TAIKO performed at
Celebrate Asia in Benaroya Hall, Seattle
~ Guest conductor’s biggest challenge was to present music that would not be eclipsed by the sensational drumming of CHIKIRI and The School of TAIKO that vibrated people and the lobby in equal measure as attendees exited the auditorium. ~
By Jason Victor Serinus : Seattle Times

Their first appeared  for the Celebrate Asia was very successfull!
You can see whole article here.
Brown Paper Ticket

Date: Saturday, January, 16, 2016
Location : Bellevue Meydenbauer Theater
Time : Matinee / Open 12:30 pm   Start 1:30 pm
         Evening / Open  5:30 pm    Start 6:30 pm