~ Moving the World !  ~      Bellevue World Taiko Festival 2014

We will be holding the Bellevue World Taiko Festival in hopes that we will be able to share a higher level of Japanese Culture through guest performers from Japan and make a tight relationship in community.  We hope that we can share an understanding that goes beyond words, and become one through music.
The strength, elegance and sound of the Taiko that resonates in our hearts, serves as the core for this festival, and we hope that through the festival more and more people will have the opportunity deepen their interest in Japan.
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Support TAIKO in Bellevue and Seattle!

Do you love to see, hear and feel powerful performances by The School of TAIKO at Aki Matsuri, Cherry Blossom Festival and other beloved community events?  
We love to play for you, and deliver our best performances.
We have various performance level which suitable for your desire from Youth Team to Professional level with high quality TAIKO made by ASANO TAIKO, world renowned for creating sounds which beat directly into your heart.

When you give to The School of TAIKO, you invest in our capacity to perform our best at community events, school assemblies and school cultural programs.

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The School of TAIKO was founded for :

> Promoting Japanese Arts Culture
> Expands the Japanese Drumming World
> Providing high quality educational programs for youth
> Further mutual understanding between foreign countries through Music
> Make strong relationships among the community

by providing Performances, Educational program and  Musical Classes based in Bellevue and Seattle.

In 2014, we are continuing our challenges with:

● Founding a Professional Taiko Group as the leading Group

● Growing up the youth group ; Team RYU ~dragon~
for supporting young Taiko lovers and strengthening their power for life

● Providing the program for the wide area and low budget Schools

for making more attractive and long term Taiko life to keep our Taiko community growing

Please think about supporting our challenges with a donation.
We appreciate your generous support to help us realize our dream!!
My First TAIKO Workshop !
We will have the workshop for starter person at Bellevue.

Place: Bellevue College
Fee   : $20.00
For   : Starter person
Age   : 8 years and up

The next workshop will be on September.
Please contact us for more infomation.

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Ringtaro & Asako Tateishi
The School of TAIKO
Providing the Arts Programs of Japanese Taiko drumming
& Japanese Musical Instruments based in Seattle , USA
For 4 years old and UP
Photo ; Yanokichi


Seattle is famous forsending new innovations to the world, like  Sturbacks,Costco and many IT solutions.

Taking advantage of various skills from his experience in ONDEKOZA and performances at EPCOT, Walt Disney World, our Artistic director RINGTARO TATEISHI is forming his new group which shows ancient Japanese culture with taste of music around the world. Together with co-founder Asako Tateishi, he will send new wave from Seattle, WA.

This new group will use high quality Taiko made by ASANO TAIKO, a world renowned Taiko maker for creating sounds which beat directly into your heart..

In starting our new challenge, we are open the apprentice positions to whom eager and sincere talented person for become our performing member and instructor from United States and Japan.

Please check the information below to make your future great with us!

For more information : Click here

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Join our dream!
Apprentice positions for our Professional Taiko Group are now open for you!
Let's make the new flow of the TAIKO world
from Seattle, together!

Upcoming Events
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Check our School performances
by Beginner to Intermediate students !
After half a year , you will join our performance as a one of Taiko Drummers of our School!
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Little Kids Class

Little Kids TAIKO Class
for 5 years to 7 years old

The Kids studnets will have some opportunity for performing at events.
Mom and Me

This program is for the family member with 4 to 7 years child /children.

Any family combination are welcome; kid and Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa.
My First Taiko Workshop

Want to hit the TAIKO?

This is the great opportunity for YOU who want to try the TAIKO!

Workshop participants will get a privilege when applying to our regular class.
You can apply / get information for TAIKO programs today!
Come and enjoy the our first
Bellevue World TAIKO Festival 2014 in October!
Here is our Mascot Charactor which is  designed by Ringtaro Tateishi,our Artistic Director.
His name is " DonTA!!"

We hope he becomes the character loved by many people!

You can get the sticker of DonTA!! at our booth in various events , also the Cherry Blossom Festival in this weekend.   Please stop by our booth.

Also, you will get stickers by mail delivered soon!

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Bellevue World TAIKO Festival 2014
October , 16 - 19
Main Guest performer from Japan
Yu Imafuku & Imafukuza

Born in Hikimi-cho of Shimane Prefecture which is famous with Iwami Kagura.            He had learn the Kagura from his young age and in his age 24, he joined the group “ONDEKOZA”: world renowned Taiko group. With both experience made him to the very famous performer who have mixed the Kagura and Taiko Drumming and has produced various works and arrangements for the stage.

At the concert in Bellevue World Taiko Festival , he is planning a Taiko performance mainly focused in the Kagura with his group members ; Ai Suenaga and Eri Domoto .