Our first challenge of " Bring TAIKO to the World" has made through the "Bellevue World TAIKO Festival " which we hold at October 2014.

The gathered donations become $ 5,500, including the special support of Asano Taiko Co. Ltd, two Taiko drums and stands that was equivalent to the amount of donation has been donated to the " Ohira Vilage Taiko School" in Miyagi Prefecture on January 9th, 2015. This group formed by local people and evacuee by the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011 for making new relationship with them and getting the power by sounds of Taiko..

We really appreciate for all donors for this program.  Special Thanks to Asano Taiko Co. Ltd,(Ishikawa prefecture) who has made the Taiko Drums for them with huge donation.  Also, we'd like to say thank you to the coordinator, Tokio Takahashi,Taiko perfromer based in Sendai city, Miyagi Prefecture. 
We hope that this will be made a step in returning a normal life to victims of the disaster!
Bring Taiko to the World
Japan Creative Arts and The School of TAIKO are doing the mission of
" Bring TAIKO to the World"
This program holds for spreading Taiko drumming to the world, especially to the place which difficult to have Taiko activities.

The donation will be including one or some of these;Taiko equipment, Taiko pieces and workshop by our instructors for getting new songs.
Based on the experience in The School of TAIKO, we will not only provide musical instrument but also lecture how to play Taiko drums.

We are really appreciate of your support for this mission by donation.

Our first donation
The Taiko Drums has been donated from Seattle to Ohira-village Taiko School was introduced in the newspaper.

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Certificate of Appreciation
We got the Certificate of Appreciation   from Ohira Village.  This is not for our organization, for the whole supporter for this project.

We really appresiate of their thoughtfulness in their hard days.

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Tokio Takahashi / Coordinator for this donation
Our first donation to the Ohira- VIllage Taiko School was coordinated by our friend, Tokio Takahashi who is former member of Kodo which is world renowned Taiko Group.

After Great East Japan Earthquack, he and his brother left the group for supporting their home town Sendai and Tohoku with their Taiko spirits.
Now, they have formed a new group " Atoa" based in Sendai-city, Miyagi Prefecture.
Asano Taiko / Taiko Manufacture
We could donated wonderful Taiko Drums by big supporting of Asano Taiko Co. Ltd. which  is located in  Ishikawa Prefecture. They are the world-famous and trusted Taiko manufacture as producing  beautiful Taiko with high quality.

Most of the Taiko groups which making world tour are using their Taiko drums.
Also, our Taiko Group
" CHIKIRI"  has supported by Asano Taiko.

Now, they has US brunch at Los Angeles.
Professional Taiko Group based in Seattle

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