Bring Taiko to the World
Japan Creative Arts and The School of TAIKO are doing the mission of
" Bring TAIKO to the World"
This program holds for spreading Taiko drumming to the world, especially to the place which difficult to have Taiko activities.

The donation will be including one or some of these;Taiko equipment, Taiko pieces and workshop by our instructors for getting new songs.
Based on the experience in The School of TAIKO, we will not only provide musical instrument but also lecture how to play Taiko drums.

Our first donation were donated to the children who have started their new life at Ohira- village, Miyagi prefecture after the Great East Japan Earthquake.  More Info.

Bellevue World TAIKO Festival
Japan Creative Arts and The School of TAIKO are holding the Bellevue World Taiko Festival to share a higher level of Japanese Culture through guest performers from Japan / USA and make a tight relationship in community, understanding that goes beyond words and become one through music.

The strength, elegance and sound of the Taiko that resonates in our hearts, serves as the core for this festival, and we hope that through the festival more and more people will have the opportunity deepen their interest in Japan.

We had our first Taiko Festival at Octover 2014 featuring Yu Imafuku, Ai Suenaga and Eri Domoto who are famous Taiko performers in Japan.  The two concerts were  full house concerts and two Taiko workshops were also full of participants.  More info.
Professional Taiko Group based in Seattle
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