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The School of TAIKO is providing Educational programs:

>  School Assemblies

>  After School Programs

>  Group Workshops

>  Cultural Events

>  Any programs which you need to share great experiences
of Japanese Musical Culture

All our Programs are providing under the supervision of Ringtaro Tateishi
who is professional Taiko Drummer & Artistic Director of The School of TAIKO

You will get the satisfaction more than imagination
to what a precious experience was given for them

Our program can be planned according to you.
Please feel free have a consultation with us!

Think about for providing our program for :
Their outlook on the World
Their infinite futuer
Their magnificent dream

Ringtaro & Asako Tateishi
The School of TAIKO
Providing the Arts Programs of Japanese Taiko drumming & Japanese Musical Instruments based in Seattle , USA
Professional Taiko Group based in Seattle
PO BOX 3311  Bellevue , WA  98009
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